1 Hour for turning power at Longview, Washington

Sample Claim Language:
Claiming 1 hour at the straight time rate in addition to all earnings made for being required to wye my power at Longview, Washington. Include all of the required documentation such as Train ID, Date, Time, Who instructed you to do it.

Agreement Language

Excerpt from Side Letter 1 of the MOA Turnaround Pool Freight Operations Portland – Kalama – Portland

This refers to the Memorandum of Agreement dated November 14, 2002, wherein the parties agreed to establish new turnaround pool freight operations between Portland, Oregon and Kalama, Washington.

Subsequent to the implementation of the agreement, the parties recognized the need for crews assigned to this pool to operate to Longview, Washington and/or to wye their power at Longview, Washington. The parties agree that crews assigned to this service may operate to Longview and/or wye their power at Longview and will not be considered as being used off their assignment. In conjunction therewith engineers operating to Longview and/or wying power at Longview will be paid one (1) hour at the straight time rate of pay, in addition to all other earnings of the trip. It is understood no more than one (1) such payment will be allowed in a tour of duty for performing this service….