Extraboard RSIA Bonus Day

Claim is submitted without prejudice to the Organization’s position that the violation involved constitutes a major dispute under the RLA. Claimant was assigned to the (Circ7 XE00) board from (MM/DD to MM/DD). Claimant was required to initiate 6/7 consecutive starts on calendar days between (MM/DD to MM/DD), tying up at the HT after the 6/7 start at (1500 hours) on (MM/DD). Per the rest requirements contained in HOS, was not rested under the HOS to again work until (0001 hours) on (MM/DD). As a result of the HOS rest, Carrier improperly showed claimant in an unavailable status denying payment of extra board guarantee bonus day. Claimant did not lay off, nor was otherwise unavailable for service, as defined by the GEB Agreement. Claimant earned ($3000.00). Please allow ($246.32) Difference in Payment.