Extraboard RSIA


Claim is submitted without prejudice to the Organization’s position that the violation involved constitutes a major dispute under the RLA. Claimant was assigned to the TP250 XE55 from 07/16-07/31. Claimant was required to initiate 7 consecutive on duty periods between 07/18-07/24, tying up at the HT at 1500 07/24. Per the rest requirements contained in HOS, Claimant was not rested under the Hours of Service Law to again perform service until 1500 07/27. As a result of the HOS rest, Carrier improperly showed claimant in an unavailable status denying payment of extra board guarantee from 0100 on 07/25 to 1500 on 07/27. Claimant did not lay off, nor was otherwise unavailable for service, as defined by the MUPL GEB Agreement. Claimant earned $3000.00. Please allow $456.78 DIP.