Rule 38 – Engineers switching enroute where yard crews stationed

On mm/dd/yyyy I was assigned to the CIRC7 pool turn #### called on the Train-ID at 00:00 to take the train to CIRC7. After arriving at CIRC7 where yard crews are stationed I was instructed by Name/Title to make the following moves ( give detail of all work done i.e. set cars on top of fill over/switch cars out of pick up/ set out to multiple tracks when cars would fit in a single track) not in connection of the train I was called for. Work started at 00:00 and was completed at 00:00 (a minimum of 1 hour). Claiming a total of hh:mm consumed as per rule 38 of the Salt Lake and Portland Hub agreement.

Document track numbers, car numbers, Unit numbers, Yard crew on duty, and the Manager/Yard master who ordered the work done, and all times involved completing movement. This claim is a minimum of 1 hour.