Trip Rate for Pool freight crews performing T-A service at AFHT

I claim a trip rate in the (Circ#)______ RE ___ pool between ________________ and _________________ account used in turnaround service out of the away from home terminal in (staging service/HOS service/local freight service/other service).  I am assigned to the (CIRC#)____ RE___ pool on turn #_____ and  was call on ____________, 20__ to perform service in (staging service/HOS service/local freight service/other service) on the (train symbol and number).  I performed service by (describe the territory over which the service was performed, including the station where the train was delivered and/or boarded – whether you were rubber tired to that location, miles run and on-and-off duty date and time.)  The trip rates for the pool include the trips in such turnaround service at the AFHT by pool freight service engineers and by extra engineers protecting vacancies in this pool during the test period when this pool was trip rated.  Because these trips are new day claims under Rule 46 and separate from the miles in the pool trips between ________________ and _________________, the trip rate was devalued by these trips and such trips are due a separate trip rate payment in addition to the regular trip rate paid for working/deadheading to the home terminal.