Light Rail

Sound Transit’s board OKs 2019 budget

(Source: Progressive Railroading 12/26/2018) Sound Transit‘s board last week approved a $2.9 billion 2019 budget that includes $2.4 billion for capital projects and $345.4 million for transit operations. The capital project funds target continued progress toward opening light-rail service to Northgate in 2021, launching Hilltop Tacoma Link in 2022 and starting East Link light-rail service…

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Sound Transit advances two light-rail extensions

(Source: Progressive Railroading 12/21/2018) The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has executed a $1.17 billion full funding grant agreement (FFGA) for Sound Transit‘s Lynnwood Link light-rail extension, the agency announced yesterday. In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Build America Bureau on Dec. 19 executed a $658 million low-interest loan for the project.  Under the FFGA, the FTA commits to provide up to…

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