Missouri voters block right-to-work law

August 8, 2018

(Source: National Public Radio, August 8, 2018) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Voters in Missouri have overwhelmingly rejected a right-to-work law passed by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature that would have banned compulsory union fees — a resounding victory for organized labor that spent millions of dollars to defeat the measure. Full story: www.npr.org Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Idaho officials approve BNSF’s plan for second bridge in Sandpoint

August 1, 2018

(Source: Associated Press, July 31, 2018) SANDPOINT, Idaho — Idaho officials have approved Railway’s application for a permit to build a second railroad bridge in northern Idaho across Lake Pend Oreille and Sand Creek in Sandpoint. Full story: Construction Equipment Guide Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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CN CEO vows loyalty to grain farmers as oil shipments climb

July 31, 2018

(Source: Bloomberg, July 31, 2018) NEW YORK — Crude oil demand may be on the rise again, but Canadian National Railway Co.’s new leader insists energy shipments won’t displace longtime railroad staples such as grain and lumber. Full story: Bloomberg Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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As Canada waits for pipelines, record volumes of oil move by rail

July 31, 2018

(Source: Calgary Herald, July 31, 2018) CALGARY — Canadian oil exports moving by train have set another record and the trend won’t be derailed anytime soon — until additional pipelines are built. New National Energy Board figures show 199,000 barrels of oil were exported daily by rail in May, up slightly from April and a…

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‘Cardinal rule violation’: Revelstoke train engineer speaks out after handbrake verdict

July 31, 2018

(Source: StarMetro Vancouver, July 30, 2018) VANCOUVER, B.C. — A longtime Canadian Pacific Railway engineer in Revelstoke, B.C., said he’s concerned but not surprised that a CP manager was found guilty of ordering a train with potentially explosive freight to be left on a hill without applying a handbrake. Full story: The Star

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G&W posts operating revenue, income growth in Q2

July 30, 2018

(Source: Progressive Railroading 07/30/2018) Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) reported second-quarter 2018 operating revenue rose 10 percent to $595 million from $540.4 million and operating income increased 3.4 percent to $103.1 million compared with the same quarter a year ago. The company’s reported diluted earnings per share (EPS) fell 1.4 percent to 0.73 cents per…

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Report: Short lines add $6.5 billion to U.S. economy

July 30, 2018

(Source: Railway Age, July 27, 2018) NEW YORK — An industry economic impact report found short line railroads provide $6.5 billion in added value to the U.S. economy – aided by the positive impact of the Short Line Tax Credit. The report, which was prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and released by the American Short Line…

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RR decals: Low-cost life savers?

July 27, 2018

(Source: Coeur d’Alene Press 07/26/2018) July 26, 2018 at 5:00 am | By BRIAN WALKER Staff Writer POST FALLS — Travis Campbell wasn’t thrilled when he saw a young driver looking at his cellphone while listening to music. But concern turned to elation when Campbell watched the young man stop in his tracks to heed…

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Microsoft, Oregon and B.C. kick in $750,000 for new study of high-speed rail in Pacific Northwest

July 27, 2018

(Source: Geek Wire, July 26, 2018) SEATTLE, Wash. — The effort to build a high-speed rail connecting Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. just got a fresh cash infusion. Microsoft, the Province of British Columbia, and the Oregon Department of Transportation are putting $750,000 in new funding toward a deeper study of the business opportunity the…

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BLET members lobby Congress over safety, Tex Mex jobs issue

July 26, 2018

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, July 25 — BLET Legislative Representatives visited 150 Congressional offices in Washington, D.C. on July 13 as part of a major railroad safety lobbying effort and to make members of Congress aware of the union’s struggle to preserve the jobs of BLET members who work for the Texas Mexican Railway (Tex Mex). On…

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National Division launches 2018 convention website

July 25, 2018

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, July 24 — The BLET National Division has launched a new website — https://bletconvention.org — to provide key information to delegates, vendors and guests attending the union’s Fourth National Convention, which will be held October 1-4, 2018. The BLET’s Fourth National Convention will convene at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada,…

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Rio Tinto operates first driverless freight train

July 23, 2018

(Source: Railway Age 07-16-2018) Railroading entered a brave, new world as the first fully-autonomous freight train completed its initial run in Australia. Global mining conglomerate Rio Tinto marked the first delivery of iron ore by an autonomous train as part of its US$940 million AutoHaul program operating to its port facilities in Western Australia. On…

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BNSF rail service extended at Port of Portland

July 23, 2018

(Source: Progressive Railroading 07/20/2018) The Port of Portland is continuing its Terminal 6 service with BNSF Railway Co. through mid-2019, as part of a larger focus to increase options to shippers at Terminal 6, port officials announced this week. The intermodal rail service, which began in January, moves containers by rail between Portland and the…

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Union Pacific CEO: First steel tariffs had an immediate and direct impact

July 20, 2018

(Source: CNBC, July 19, 2018) NEW YORK — In a television interview with CNBC, Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz discusses the rail operator’s quarterly earnings and the impact of the Trump administration’s trade policies on the business. Full story and video: CNBC Friday, July 20, 2018

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Union Pacific’s 2Q 2018 performance hurt by train crew shortages

July 20, 2018

(Source: Associated Press, July 19, 2018) OMAHA, Neb. — Union Pacific hauled in 29 percent more second-quarter profit as the railroad handled 4 percent more shipments, but the results might have been better if not for some operational challenges. UP CEO Lance Fritz said the railroad’s performance was hurt by shortages of train crews and…

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Union Pacific reports Q2 2018 results

July 20, 2018

(Source: Union Pacific press release, July 19, 2018) OMAHA, Neb. — Union Pacific Corporation today reported 2018 second quarter net income of $1.5 billion, or a second quarter record $1.98 per diluted share. This compares to $1.2 billion, or $1.45 per diluted share, in the second quarter 2017. Second Quarter Results • Diluted earnings per…

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Why relaxation is good for your health

Relaxation (re lak seishen)

Vaccinations: They aren't just for kids

August is National Immunization month, so all month long, we’ll be highlighting the importance of getting immunizations, even as an adult.  Even if you’ve had childhood vaccinations, you should get them boosted as an adult.

National Watermelon Day: Health Benefits of Watermelon

In honor of National Watermelon Day (yes, that is actually a thing), we thought we’d share a little information about the health benefits of watermelon, along with a simple recipe you can pair with just about anything.

Top of EOB

First, it would probably be helpful if I explained what EOB stands for.  EOB is short for Explanation of Benefits.  You may also see it described as Explanation of Medical Benefits, but it is universally referred to as an EOB.

Practical tips to help you stop smoking

Before we talk about how to quit smoking, can we all agree that if you do smoke, you need to quit?  Are we all on the same page that smoking is bad for your health?  Smoking puts you at a much higher risk for 13 (yes, the number is 13) types of cancer, including lung cancer, along with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and stroke.  And you’re exposing those of us who don’t smoke to health risks from secondhand smoke.

The Opioid Crisis:  What you need to know

America is facings its deadliest drug crisis in its 242-year history. Sounds scary doesn’t it? Yet many of us are still unaware of how serious the crisis is.  Everyday 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.  The term “Opioids” encompasses prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids like Fentanyl.  Here are some key facts about Opioids

An allergy sufferers guide to allergy season

As a life long sufferer of seasonal allergies, I have absolutely heard of every possible remedy for how to cope during allergy season.  Some of the advice I’ve gotten over the years includes, taking a teaspoon of local raw honey everyday (no success), drink a cup of nettle leaf tea in the morning (also known as a hot cup of lawn!) and my personal favorite—eat an onion.  The onion actually does have Quercetin, which can help prevent the inflammation caused by allergies, however, an onion a day doesn’t have the same ring (or appeal) as an apple a day.  And I’m pretty sure my co-workers would prefer that I cough and sneeze to stinking up the office.

Everything you need to know about sunscreen

It’s summertime baby! You may think it’s officially time to bust out the sunscreen for those days out in the hot sun, but the truth is, protecting your skin is a year-round commitment. Even during the winter, you’re still at risk for getting sunburned and causing skin damage. The temperatures may not be as hot, but the sun—and its harmful rays—are still there. Not protecting your skin can cause temporary pain such as a sunburn, and it can also cause long-term damage that cannot always be seen by the naked eye.  Properly protecting your body’s first line of defense—your skin—can drastically decrease your chances of developing skin cancer.  There are other negative effects from not wearing sunscreen, such as wrinkles, freckles, premature aging, sunspots, and scarring from severe or multiple sunburns.

Hiking for exercise: Some of our favorite trails

Hiking is a great way to exercise without feeling like you're exercising. With beautiful scenery and an endless list of great hikes around the U.S. to choose from, hiking can be a great way to get your heart rate going without even realizing it. If you’ve never hiked before, or you’re not sure where to start, consider that there are 58 national parks and more than 6,000 state parks. You can access trail maps for nearly every park online. The maps generally include how long the hike is, the level of difficulty and where you can take in a view or stop for lunch.  Here is a list of some of our favorite hikes.

Sleep disasters

Sleep, or the lack thereof, is one of the most overlooked medical conditions.  Ask nearly anyone you know and it’s unlikely they’d tell you they get plenty of sleep.  But how much sleep do you need?  And what are the consequences of not getting enough sleep? We’ve got everything you need to know about why getting enough sleep is crucial for your health and job safety.


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