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Hours of Service (HOS) Violation and Reporting Form

Immediate Action Required for HOS Violations

Mandatory Dual Reporting Process: In the event of an Hours of Service (HOS) violation, it is imperative that each member of the crew performs two critical actions:


1. Official HOS Violation Report 2. State Legislative Board Notification:
Immediately report the violation through the tie-up screen process as mandated by Carrier Rules. This step ensures the violation is officially logged with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Simultaneously, fill out this form to expedite the reporting of the violation to the State Legislative Board Chair. This dual reporting process is designed to complement the official reporting mechanism, allowing us to swiftly address and advocate for resolutions to these violations.

Why Both Steps Are Essential: Filling out this form alongside the official HOS violation report ensures that the State Legislative Board Chair receives detailed incident information promptly. This streamlined communication is crucial for facilitating quick action and support on your behalf.


Comprehensive Crew Involvement

Full Crew Participation Required: To guarantee that the extent of any HOS violation is thoroughly documented and acted upon, every member of the affected crew must independently complete both the official HOS violation report on the tie-up screen and submit this accompanying form. This collective effort is vital for a unified and strong representation of the incident details.

Your Role in Advocacy and Compliance

By adhering to this dual reporting process, you are not only ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations but also actively participating in a broader effort to improve working conditions and safety within the rail industry. Your detailed reports provide the foundation for our ongoing advocacy for change and enhancement of worker rights and protections.

We value your cooperation and diligence in this critical reporting process. Together, we can strive for a safer and more equitable workplace.

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