Improperly Placed Into RF Status By CMS

“The handling resulting in placing _______ in RF status represents a radical change from the manner in which vacancies have been filled for engineers within this GCA’s jurisdiction as assigned engineers (including engineers in pool freight service) have never been required to accept a call for service on other than their own assignment.  The practice has been consistent and longstanding that assigned engineers do not have to accept calls for service that is not their assignment.  Current CMS vacancy procedures affirm this position.  The Organization has never agreed to this new handling by the Carrier through the actions of its CMS department

            As proof of the manner in which calls for service have been administered is found in the 1994 BLE Idaho CMS Policy Manual, including correspondence between the parties.  The vacancy procedures set out in that policy, which were approved and accepted without exception by the parties, are clear that all vacancies where the extra board is depleted and where assigned engineers are contacted all specify that the engineer is “not required to accept if contacted”.  The only exception is for engineers who have “AEW” status (applied extra work) and are required to accept the call.  The only penalty if they do not accept the call was that they lose the “AEW” status.  Those subject to being required to accept the call are extra board engineers and demoted engineers.

Accordingly, Engineer __________ should be paid for all time lost resulting from the CMS mishandling of the call for other than his assignment and improperly placing him in RF status.”