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Manager operating trains – Eugene, OR

Below is an email that was sent from General Chairman Dayton to Mr. Castagna, Vice President UPRR – WR regarding a UPRR MOP forcing engineers out of the seat in order to operate trains.

Dear Mr. Castagna:

Attached, please find a courtesy copy of a letter that will be mailed to you today hard copy advising of the activities of UPRR MOP Brian Montgomery who has been forcing engineers out of the seat in order to operate trains.  Based upon past handling, and the lack of any notification of any change to that handling, it appears that Mr. Montgomery’s actions are an anomaly and the actions of a poorly trained, ignorant and arrogant junior manager.

His actions represent an egregious violation of both the agreement and past practices on the property.  To illuminate that handling, I have attached a copy of a letter dated August 26, 2006, with an attachment from former UPRR WR AVP Thomas F. Murphy to former BLET General Chairman Tim Donnigan outlining the protocols for properly handling the exchange between manager and engineer when these situations present themselves.

We respectfully request that the Carrier engage in educating its officers of the seriousness of this issue and ensure that no further events of this nature occur. We also request that no retaliatory actions be taken against Engineer Peterson or Local Chairman Taddei as a result of this matter.  Finally, we request that MOP Montgomery issue an apology in writing to Engineer Peterson for his mishandling of these two incidents.

We also request that the Carrier advise as to its handling of this matter.


JL Dayton

General Chairman – BLET


JLD-RCastagna 050415 Manager Running Trains – Eugene-w att

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