Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary lands UK aggregate hauling contract

(Source: Progressive Railroading 12/20/2018)

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. subsidiary Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd has signed a long-term bulk rail haulage contract with a joint venture representing the United Kingdom’s largest aggregate and cement producers.

The new contract with Mendip Rail Ltd — a joint venture between Hanson Aggregates and Aggregate Industries — will begin in November 2019, G&W officials said in a press release.

Under the agreement, Freightliner will haul an expected 8 million tons per year of aggregate to terminals in London and Southeast England from quarries owned by Hanson and Aggregate Industries in the Mendips, Northern Somerset. 

Also as part of the contract, Freightliner will purchase eight locomotives from Mendip Rail before year’s end.

“By adding one of the largest bulk haulage contracts in the U.K., we are also adding to the foundation of our long-term bulk business as we have successfully replaced traffic losses caused by the collapse of the U.K. coal industry in 2015,” said Freightliner Chief Executive Officer Gary Long.