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U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Photo –

(Source: Progressive Railroading 01/09/2020)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao yesterday announced updated federal guidelines for the development of automated vehicles (AV).

Chao unveiled the guidelines, titled “Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies: Automated Vehicles 4.0,” during a speech at the CES 2020 gadget show in Las Vegas.

The guidelines aim to ensure a unified federal government approach to the development of AV technology, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) officials said in a press release.

“The federal principles released [yesterday] help foster an environment for innovators to advance safe AV technologies, and put the U.S. in a position of continued leadership in the future of transportation,” said U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios.

The department is preparing for the emerging technology by “engaging with new technologies to address legitimate public concerns about safety, security and privacy without hampering innovation,” USDOT officials said.

In September 2017, USDOT provided guidance to the industry, as well as technical assistance and best practices to states, for the development of safety testing and integration of automated driving systems.

In October 2018, USDOT introduced guiding principals for AV innovation for all surface transportation modes, and described the department’s strategy to address existing barriers to potential safety benefits and progress.

AV 4.0 builds on those efforts to “ensure American leadership in AV technology development and integration by providing unified guidance for the first time across the federal government for innovators and stakeholders,” Chao said.

The new guidelines will be published in the Federal Register for public review and comment.

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