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Port of Coos Bay, developer to build new multimodal container facility

The facility will handle over 1 million 40-foot containers annually through the port via the Coos Bay Rail Line. Photo – Coos Bay Rail Line

(Source: Progressive Railroading 09/02/2021)

The Oregon Port of Coos Bay yesterday announced it has partnered with NorthPoint Development to construct a multimodal container facility on the North Spit.

The port and NorthPoint have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the project, with the intention of finalizing negotiations and signing a contract by the end of the calendar year, port officials said in a press release.

Once fully constructed, the facility will handle over 1 million 40-foot containers annually both inbound and outbound via the Coos Bay Rail Line. The rail spur on the North Spit will be extended to the project site and infrastructure improvements throughout the line will be completed to accommodate double-stack container movements, port officials said.

The estimated cost for construction of the facility and railroad improvements is $1 billion.

Currently, the majority of imports and exports moving in and out of Oregon travel by truck via the ports of Seattle/Tacoma and Oakland, California. This adds to the total delivered cost of products and commodities, roadway congestion and increased greenhouse gas emissions, according to port officials.

Utilizing the Coos Bay Rail Line to transport containers instead of trucks will reduce overall emissions up to 75%, they said.

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