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Speak out now: Railroad attendance policies unsafe

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, April 27 — BLET members and their families are urged to alert the White House and their members of Congress about the dangerous attendance policies imposed by Class I freight railroads by using the BLET’s new legislative outreach platform — “Take Action” — which been activated for the first time for use in this campaign.

As BLET members know from firsthand experience, freight railroads are putting essential workers at risk with dangerous attendance policies that make it nearly impossible for employees to take time off for rest at home or time to be with their families without being retaliated against or losing their jobs. Fatigue has been a major safety issue in the railroad industry for decades, but the problem has been made much worse through the recent implementation of draconian attendance policies.

“Throughout the United States, BLET members and their families are now able to use this powerful new tool to make their voices heard at the highest levels of government,” BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce said. “I encourage all members and their loved ones to use the new website and let your elected officials know about the negative impact attendance polices have had on you personally with your family and professionally in terms of fatigue and safety.”

In conjunction with the launch of its new website, the BLET National Division has made available a new legislative outreach platform that allows members to contact their elected officials on the local, state and national level. Called “Take Action,” the new legislative outreach platform can be found at

After clicking on the “Take Action” button, look for the “Our Issues” section — “Class I Railroad Attendance Policies-Speak Out Now!” After entering their home address, members will be automatically directed to contact information for their Senators and their members of the House of Representatives. The current Take Action campaign allows the members to send email messages regarding Class I attendance policies, either by selecting a pre-written message from the drop down menu or by crafting their own personal message.

“Railroads have refused to bargain with us over the issue of attendance policies,” President Pierce said. “These policies rob our members of their health and makes quality time with their families all but impossible. We need to join together and let Congress know that enough is enough.”

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