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Corporate billionaires are wrecking the supply chain; Just look at the railroads

(Source: The Real News Network, July 7, 2022)

System shocks, such as the war in Ukraine and a raging pandemic, have provided a ready-made culprit for delays and disruptions all along the U.S. supply chain. Missing from the equation, though, are the rail carriers themselves: the billionaires who own them and the overpaid CEOs who run them. Lest we forget, BNSF Railway and Union Pacific made billions in profit in 2021. But the cost of those profits, according to railroad workers and their advocates, has been incalculable. Profit-motivated, “cost-cutting” decisions made by those at the top of the corporate hierarchy have ground the hardworking operators, engineers, and others working along the railroad into dust.

Full story: The Real News Network

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