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Class I employment rose nearly 4% in December 2022

(Source: Progressive Railroading, February 8, 2023)

Class Is employed 119,349 people as of mid-December 2022, a 0.34% increase from November 2022 and a 3.88% increase from December 2021 employment levels, according to Surface Transportation Board data. Five of six employment categories registered increases between November and December 2022. Those categories were transportation (other than train and engine), up 0.88% to 4,821 workers; transportation (train and engine), up 0.49% to 50,178; maintenance of way and structures, up 0.3% to 28,515; professional and administrative, up 0.3% to 10,028; and maintenance of equipment and stores, up 0.2% to 17,810. Year over year, the category of transportation (train and engine) was up 5.39%.

Full story: Progressive Railroading

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