UP-WRGCA Delegates to the BLET  4th National Convention in Las Vegas
UP-WRGCA Delegates to the BLET 4th National Convention in Las Vegas

Comparison of benefits under Railroad Retirement and Social Security

March 29, 2016

(Source: Railroad Retirement Board press release, March 8, 2016) CHICAGO — Employers and employees covered by the Railroad Retirement Act pay higher retirement taxes than those covered by the Social Security Act, so that railroad retirement benefits remain higher than social security benefits, especially for “career” employees who have 30 or more years of service. The…

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FRA advances rulemaking for two-person train crews

March 17, 2016

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, March 15 — On Tuesday, March 15, The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) establishing minimum requirements for the size of train crew staffs depending on the type of operation. FRA’s proposed rule provides compelling reasons trains should be crewed by at least two persons. BLET applauds…

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Pre-Arrangement of Compensated Time Off Update

March 11, 2016

As many of you know, I have been working for some time to reach agreements with the UPRR addressing issues with the administration of vacations, getting access to pre-arrangement of PL & Single Vacation Days, and adjusting the preponderance of service/local chairman vacation float agreement. The process has been ongoing since the vacation administration agreement proposal failed to…

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Federal Railroad Administration seeks comments on train horn rules

March 8, 2016

Congressmen applaud move to address quality-of-life concerns By John Fryar Staff Writer ~ www.timescall.com A BNSF train travels down tracks that divide Atwood Street in Longmont. The Federal Railroad Administration will take public comments on its train horn rules starting Monday. (Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer timescall.com) Train horn rules The Federal Railroad Administration is inviting…

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Reminder: Applications for 2016 Hoffa scholarships due March 31

March 8, 2016

CLEVELAND, March 3 — As a reminder, the deadline for receipt of completed materials for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund is March 31, 2016. Completed materials should be mailed to the BLET’s new headquarters building: BLET National Division ATTN: National Secretary-Treasurer 7061 East Pleasant Valley Road Independence, OH 44131 Applicants must be a…

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Union Pacific workers file class action Americans With Disabilities Act complaint against railroad

March 1, 2016

(Source: Nichols Kaster, PLLP press release, February 29, 2016) SEATTLE, Wash. — On February 19, 2016, six current and former employees of Union Pacific Railroad Company filed a class action lawsuit in the Western District of Washington at Seattle (Case No. CV15-1865JCC), asserting that Union Pacific engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination in violation…

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RRB announces dates of Spring 2016 Pre-Retirement Seminars

February 10, 2016

CLEVELAND, February 10 — The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) has announced the dates and locations of the agency’s spring 2016 Pre-Retirement Seminars. Designed for railroad employees and spouses planning to retire within five years or less, Pre-Retirement Seminars will familiarize attendees with the retirement benefits available to them, and also guide them through the…

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Celebration of life for Juan (Juanito, John) Rodriguez

February 5, 2016

[pdf-embedder url=”https://wrgca.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Celebration-of-life-for-Juan-flyer.pdf”]

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BLET petitions FRA for immediate halt to LEADER, Trip Optimizer technology

February 5, 2016

CLEVELAND, February 5 — The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) has asked the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for an emergency order that would immediately prohibit the carrier-mandated use of Locomotive Engineer Assist/Display & Event Recorder (LEADER) and Trip Optimizer technologies. The BLET contends that the mandated use of these electronic devices creates unsafe…

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Posting of the IBT Local 900 (WRGCA) Delegate Nomination Meeting & Rules Notice

February 4, 2016

Dear Brothers & Sisters: Attached, please find a memo to you for posting of the attached Notice of the Nomination Meeting for Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Teamster Convention in June 2016.  Please note that the notice and rules must be posted on each of our workplace bulletin boards by February 10th to ensure…

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2016 BLET Scholarship Directory

January 31, 2016

CLEVELAND, January 29 — Each year, the BLET National Division compiles a list of scholarship opportunities available to the children of BLET members. Numerous financial aid opportunities are published here in the 2016 BLET Scholarship Directory. The scholarship opportunities vary widely. The following comprehensive list provides members and their families with contact information for each…

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WRGCA (IBT Local 900) Election Plan for Delegate & Alternate Delegate to the 2016 IBT Convention

December 30, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Attached, please find a copy of three items.  The first is a memo to each you regarding the required posting of the WRGCA (IBT Local 900) Election Plan for Delegate & Alternate Delegate to the 2016 IBT Convention; the second is the copy of the plan and the third is a…

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State of the union 2015

December 28, 2015

By Dennis R. Pierce BLET National President CLEVELAND, December 28 — I am proud of our Brotherhood’s many accomplishments throughout the year 2015 and we have much to be thankful for. While many significant challenges may lie ahead, I have every confidence that our Brotherhood will continue to grow and become stronger in the year…

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Now available: Applications for JRH Scholarship Fund

December 9, 2015

(Source: International Brotherhood of Teamsters press release, December 1, 2015) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund is now accepting applications for scholarship awards. The deadline for receipt of completed materials is March 31, 2016. Materials will be sent to every local union in the US and Canada, but if you would…

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The importance of a current connection for Railroad Retirement benefits

December 2, 2015

Source: Railroad Retirement Board press release, November 16, 2015) CHICAGO — Under the Railroad Retirement Act, a “current connection with the railroad industry” is one of the eligibility requirements for occupational disability annuities and supplemental annuities, and is one of the factors that determine whether the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) or the Social Security Administration…

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Pilot error: After SMART-TD tip, FRA cites Union Pacific for assigning unqualified manager to serve as a pilot

November 26, 2015

CHICAGO (Nov. 24)—The Federal Railroad Administration told SMART-TD it has filed a violation against the Union Pacific Railroad in response to a union complaint that the railroad ordered a train crew to work outside its assigned territory while being piloted by a manager who was not qualified on the physical characteristics of the territory. FRA Region IV…

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Avoiding the festive 15

Having the willpower to avoid the cookie aisle at the grocery store on a “normal” day is tough. Avoiding the aisle, end caps and special displays during the holiday season, well that requires super human strength.  If you’ve ever been tempted to skip a glass and drink straight from a bowl of eggnog at your company holiday party, fear not.  I have some suggestions you can follow to help avoid the dreaded Festive 15 lbs!

Food for your mood: Eat your way to happy

Do not let the title of this article fool you.  I do not mean eating your way through the menu at McDonald’s or polishing off an entire pumpkin pie at an upcoming holiday dinner (but if wishing made it so). I’m talking about foods that help boost your mood.

How to make the most of your health plan coverage

Health care and health insurance is confusing and constantly changing.  It seems cliche to say that, but it’s true.  Which is exactly why you need to understand your health plan in order to maximize the benefits.  We’ve got some tips on how to do just that.

Myths about mental health issues

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), only 17 percent of adults in the U.S. are in “optimal mental health.”  In fact, it is estimated that one in five people deal with some kind of mental health issue—anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc—that impacts our daily life.

The addiction of likes

No one can argue that social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc—has changed the way we interact.  And now enter the iGen (short for iGeneration), the post-millennials who will be born never knowing a world without an iPhone or Facebook.  (Note: I still remember my first phone, affectionately called ‘The Brick’ which I carried to and from my car like a purse.)

Nutrition label

What does a box of cereal, a bag of pretzels and a jar of salsa have in common? The answer is a nutrition facts label. Most all food and/or food packaging requires a nutrition facts label, although there are exceptions for things like fresh fruits, vegetables and fish or edible products that have little to zero nutritional value (food coloring or tea, as an example). While most people look at the nutrition facts label, the real question is, do they understand it?

Diabetes Care & UPREHS Benefits

Type 2 Diabetes is a serious disease and is a growing health crisis in the U.S.  But in most cases, Type 2 Diabetes is preventable—or reversible.  By taking simple, common sense steps, you can manage your disease and prevent more serious complications.

Health Insurance ID Card

Ever wonder what all the information means on your health insurance card?  What phone number do you call? Why is there a BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) logo? Who is OptumRx?  We’ve got a complete explanation of what it all means.

September is prostate cancer awareness month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month so all month long, we’ll be providing you with resources and information on screening, treatment, risk factors and symptoms.


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